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About Robin Gonzales


     Robin Gonzales is an abstract and surrealism artist, creating all original paintings and designs. She finds her inspiration from observing natural & geometric patterns found in everyday life. Her love of color and light are obvious, as well as her playful layers of "fun".  She feels that Music and Art are special gifts given to us to bring joy and healing. She is also a piano teacher and composer, writing spiritually inspired instrumental music that listeners describe as soothing or "soaring". When this occurs during the creative process, whether in music or her art, she fondly calls it "kicking into autopilot". 


     Robin's early artist name "Gina Zahlez" was acquired when she started painting while playing in a virtual world that allowed the players to paint on digital canvases that were provided. Her avatar "Gina" found great encouragment and support from the art community there, and developed her skills under the wonderful tutoring of many talented artists and mentors within that community.  She also started sharing her art in other virtual art communities, as one of the featured artists, and virtual art collector, Giselle Seeker. 

     After sharing her digital art online, Robin found it surprising that she had developed a following on social media and in various art networks. This inspired her to start painting in real life using acrylics on canvas and other artist grade mediums.  


     Robin currently enjoys creating originally conceived drawings and paintings using various artist grade mediums, pens, acrylics on canvas, and digital painting applications.


    Thank you so much for visiting!  New paintings will be added from time to time. Be sure to save in your favorite bookmarks tab, and return as often as you like to check out the new paintings!   


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